And so it was… Many weeks of blood, sweat and tears (we’re talking about the fans here) will draw to a conclusion in the final battle of the 2012 Currie Cup – it’s the East Coast vs the West Coast, the Banana Boys vs the Blue & White Hoops – THE SHARKS vs WESTERN PROVINCE […]

2012 Currie Cup Semi-Finals Preview

2012 Currie Cup round robin action wrapped up last weekend with a few twists and turnarounds – none bigger than the turnaround needed by the Bulls after trailing 16-6 to the Lions and looking slightly unconvincing at the same time…. but, after the dust settled, it was mission accomplished! The Sharks, Blue Bulls, Golden Lions […]

Currie Cup Preview – Round 10

WEEK 10 PREVIEW And so it was foretold  – when the pressure is on, the cream will rise to the top. Last weekend we called 3 out of 3 in absolutely spectacular fashion! (Kashief, thanks for coming) It only took us 9 weeks to get a 100% call record, but hey, at least we’re persistent! […]

Currie Cup Preview – Round 9

WEEK 9 PREVIEW So, week 8 came and went faster than Julius Malema’s political career and we learned yet again that anything is possible on any given Saturday! With 2 weeks left to go until the playoff rounds, it’s that time where the famous rubber meets the famous road and with some of the teams […]

The Rugby Championship – Round 6 Preview

We approach the final round of the Rugby Championship and we still have to fight the urge to type “Tri-nations”. The competition is over but there is plenty of pride at stake, not to mention New Zealand’s run of 15 successive victories. The world record is held by Lithuania, yes you read that right, with […]