“Season ticket” holders fork out for Final


The Western Province Rugby Union have rewarded loyal Season ticket holders with the “right” to buy their ticket for the final. The WPRU have announced that Season Tickets are not valid for this weekend’s Currie Cup Final against the Sharks. Instead, season  ticket holders must buy their ticket for the final at the same price (up to R350) in order to attend. It reeks of greed really, considering that fans have supported their team throughout the season and have now been told that season tickets aren’t valid for the whole season.



On the WPRU site fans have been up in arms, Henry Giddy writes “Shame on you administrators this is a disgraceful and greedy move and you splash “Faithful” on your front page”. Sean Flores “very disappointed! R700 for 2 tickets! so much for being a SEASON TICKET holder! bloody RIP-OFF”. Nice one Province…

For those of you anxiously awaiting our Final preview, it should be out tomorrow morning.

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  1. This is normal practice for any Final. Was the same for the final at kings park last year. This is just a bit of nothing, the final was never included with the season ticket. Only reason there is more complaints this year is because Newlands have the most season ticket holders.

  2. Thanks Zandman, perhaps its just because Newlands hasn’t hosted a final since 2001! Badabing! 🙂

    If you follow us regularly you’ll know we’re Sharks supporters so any opportunity to Province bash is taken with great relish!

  3. You mean Jake The Snake, better watch out for him… 😉 already said it’s just a holding job for an international job.

  4. When you buy the season ticket there is a list of all games that is valid for. It normally includes “Possible home Semi Final” but never a final. Take it or leave it.

  5. @Zandman, went to the Currie Cup Final at Kings Park (ABSA Stadium) in 2010 and was included in Season Ticket. I think a season ticket should be for the season. Do you work for WPRU?

  6. Nick no I don’t work for WPRU but I do follow sport around the world. And part of sport marketing. It certainly was not included last year with the Sharks season ticket. I was offered season tickets of a friend who could not go to the game since he was abroad and had to pay in, even with a stadium not sold out.

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