About Us

Introducing the Fantasy Rugby Scout Team…


Nick Hiltermann

Nick’s mum kept him off Ritalin against the advice of several Doctors and his A.D.D. has since deteriorated.  Due to his short attention span Nick left the business world after his obsession with identical twins led him to become a geneticist.
He holds the opinion that there is not too much rugby nowadays and proposes a Super XXV with a one week break between seasons for people to get married.
Thanks to FRS he now writes for the official Stormers, SpringboksProteas & WP magazines. Follow him on Twitter @nickhiltermann

Andrew Howitt

The newest member of our team and our resident FOX Fantasy expert securing top 100 finishes in the 2013 and 2014. They say if you can’t do it, teach it, so Andrew is busy coaching up the next generation of Stormers and studying for a degree in Fantasy Sports Management on the side. He also digs twitter, follow him here: @ARHowitt12

Shaun Fourie

Playing Fantasy Rugby is second nature to Shaun as he already lives in a fantasy world. Shaun plays computer games, and refrains from dealing with anything real and is currently a CA in the game of monopoly.  Shaun is currently topping the global leader-board and his mum is very proud. *Update: Shaun is no longer global leader but his mum is confident he will be back on top in no time.

Daniel Cunnama

Daniel has red hair ad a pale complexion which prevents him from normal interaction with society.  Instead Dan became an astrophysicist and sits indoors trying to grasp the concepts of the universe and wonders why the world has been so cruel.  Dan maintains that not having a soul has helped him in fantasy management as it has enabled him to easily separate his allegiance to the Sharks from his management of Danwise’s Braves.